Looking after your gut to support mental wellbeing-Let’s explore the complexities of nature together

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

Is there a link between your gut health and brain activity?

The Gut-brain axis is a powerful connection, and no one can deny its importance. It is evidence-informed that once the gut is healthy, it assures our mental health. COVID-19, quarantine time, and all the uncertainty in this period have compelled us to talk more about mental health. These events have left a drastic effect on our mental health. Besides these psychological effects, there has been a marked difference in our eating habits during this lockdown period. So, obviously, your gut health and brain activity are interlinked, and medical experts have a strong perspective to prove it.

Your gut health is important- What does Science say about it?

We don’t need further justification when we get scientific evidence to prove any fact. The same is the case with gut and mental health. The uncertain time during 2020 has severely affected people of all ages, especially females and teenagers. Besides, the news and social media also added to this psychological stress that directly affected our wellbeing.

So, the best thing is to limit social media use, eat healthily, and adopt healthy habits for life. Set your boundaries and pay special attention to healthy eating because healthy food guarantees an active mind. There is no quick fix or magic, but the only way to reduce stress and anxiety is to give proper attention to your bodily needs.

Some tips to keep your gut and mind healthy

Here are some of the

  1. Revamp your diet

Having a keen knowledge of which foods can contribute to a healthy gut is a great way to start your new year. Reschedule your eating habits, start eating healthy, and gut-friendly foods. Some suggestions are:

  • Collagen boosting food: Bone broth, Salmon etc.

  • High fiber foods: Broccoli, peas, oats, avocados. bananas, berries

  • Foods high in Omega-3 fatty acids: Salmon, flax seeds, mackerel

2. Add more fibers in your diet

It is evidence-informed that a Mediterranean diet is high in fiber and thus is highly beneficial for your gut and mental health. Add more and more high fiber foods in your diet. Try to make the most of the natural blessings in the form of fruits and veggies. Besides switching your canola and butter oil with olive oil or coconut oil is also a great idea.

3. Get adequate sleep

Sleep deprivation, feeling tired, or restlessness can have an unpleasant effect on your gut-brain axis. So, it’s time to be a bit more conscious about yourself. Try to have a proper 8 hours sleep so that your body gets enough time and potential for digestion.

Bottom Line

Never compromise your gut-brain health over anything because ultimately all your activities depend upon this important connection. Try to apply these amazing tips in your daily life, and you will feel a visible change in your life.


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